Monday, 14 December 2015

Achievement: Flip-ups

I remember ever since I was about 6 years old, I've wanted to be able to flip up off my back onto my feet. But for some reason or another I've thought that this was some sort of super natural power that I could never achieve. Lack of self belief maybe?
However since I was invited to join my Shaolin Kung Fu Schools Demo team, The flip-up or "carps leap" has been a skill that's in a way expected of us all.
I'm a bit slower to learn than the rest of the team, being the eldest and one of the last 4 yet to get it, so I decided to drop all other mini goals for the time being and focus on this one until I got it. Only took 2 days, but that was a very tough 400 or so attempts.

I only shot about a quarter of the attempts, but I put this together to show that anyone can achieve a skill if you are prepared to work really hard at it. I hardly used my hands as my shoulders are really tight with my arms behind my head as you can see in the video.

Achievement unlocked. The Carps Leap / Flip up.